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Graduado Tigre Branco

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Tigre Branco began his martial arts journey as a child at age 10 when he started training Shotokan Karate at Sensei Ugo Arrigoni Karate Dojo in Rio de Janeiro, where he trained for many years and was rewarded with his brown belt.

After moving to the USA in 2004 Breno De Martino found Capoeira; fell in love with it and began his training at Grupo Capoeira Brasil. For 3 years Tigre lived in Los Angeles where he trained under Mestre Boneco at CBLA, Capoeira Brasil’s U.S. headquarters. Back in Boston for 4 years now, he has expanded a new branch of Capoeira Brasil under Mestre Boneco’s supervision and with hard work, dedication, and love of Capoeira - Capoeira Brasil New England was born.

Tigre Branco is currently running an Introduction to Capoeira course for the Somerville, MA Recreation & Youth department. Working in partnership with the Somerville Recreation & Youth Dept. this free program offers children 5-12 years old the opportunity to learn the basics of Capoeira all while developing a healthy lifestyle, gaining confindence and a high self esteem.