welcome to capoeira brasil new england

Under the supervision of Mestre Boneco, CBNE is a Capoeira School based in Boston, MA led by Graduado Tigre Branco. Founded in 2013, CBNE currently has locations in both Somerville and Allston with classes for toddlers, youths and adults - if you are interested please view our schedule or contact us for additional information.

First class is always free! Capoeira for the mind, body and soul.
Please make sure to bring water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes to train in.

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a fast and versatile martial art that is historically focused on fighting outnumbered or in disadvantage. The ginga (literally: rocking back and forth; to swing) is the fundamental movement in capoeira, important both for attack and defense purposes. It has two main objectives. One is to keep the capoeirista in a state of constant motion, preventing him or her from being a still and easy target. The other, using also fakes and feints, is to mislead, fool, trick the opponent, leaving them open for an attack or a counter-attack.

CBNE Song of the Month:
Santo Antonio Quero Agua

Every month a student chooses a song for the class to learn. This month Onça chose a fun one that all the kids are really enjoying... » read more

We are more than a Capoeira group, we are a family

There is no greater lesson to be learned than that of respect. At CBNE we instill discipline, confidence and respect through the beauty of our art form.

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